I am really enjoying my newfound interest in prioritizing a nutrient dense diet as a choice for me.  So much of what we learned in five short weeks of RESTART makes logical sense and I have the physical proof of improvement in the way I feel to keep me motivated.  The class was inspirational for many reasons; the short bursts of information Chris presented made learning easy, the real life strategies we discussed to implement changes provided a clear path to follow and the power of group support provided a positive energy to keep us going.  Thank you!     Laurie

I have known Chris for over 20 years, first as a teaching colleague and now as a client of hers for just over a year.   As a person who has been plagued with digestive problems for as long as I can remember, I resigned myself to living this way for the rest of my life.   Chris helped me tremendously and I’m happy to report I’ve been free of digestive issues for a year now! She had an extensive understanding of my needs, was patient with all of my questions and I could tell she truly cared about helping me heal.  Because of the one-on-one sessions, the supplements and the RESTART class, I am eating differently and feel so much better. In addition, there were benefits I wasn’t expecting.  The biggest surprise was when my morning stiffness went away.  I always assumed my stiffness was from aging but that wasn’t THE case.. My headaches also subsided. I started sleeping through the night again and woke up with so much more energy. I wasn’t trying to lose weight but because of my dietary changes, I lost 8 pounds during Chris’ RESTART program.   Through it all I also learned how to keep my family healthy.  We eat differently now. Once I changed my lifestyle, it made it easier for my family to do the same.   I learned which oils are best and how damaging sugar is.   I feel so happy knowing my children are starting and ending each day with a healthy meall. Chris is a life-long learner who has dedicated her entire career to helping others.  I would highly recommend her if you are looking for guidance on your journey to healthy living.       Jenny

I’m a dentist and we had plenty of medical education in school. However, one subject that was seriously lacking was nutrition. I learned so much during this class! (And that’s coming from a guy who thought he already knew everything – you know doctors.) Since I’ve cut out sugar from my life and adopted the changes in RESTART, my joint aches and back aches are almost gone, my feet don’t hurt anymore when I walk, I’ve lost weight, I feel and look better, I sleep better and I can eat bacon (and anything) without guilt!! Thank you RESTART for teaching me the truth about food and nutrition.”       Rick  

Sure. I’m a relatively healthy person who thought I ate right and exercised properly. In the last couple of years, my health has taken a nose dive in a lot of areas that were hard to figure out. I chalked a bit up to getting older but I felt that wasn’t the whole story. My chiropractor and a few other professionals mentioned that it is probably something in my gut. “Gut? What?” , I thought. “I eat pretty healthy.”  Come to find out with Chris’ help and the Restart Program I learned how to eat the right things to fit me in the right combinations.  It wasn’t easy but Chris made it really simple and was so encouraging each day. I learned a lot and my body feels so much better. My inflammation has decreased, I have more energy, and I’m able to think much more clear.  Thank you!        Gerri

During my annual physical my doctor stated that I should begin taking several prescription drugs to address my high blood pressure. Almost 70 years old, I really wanted to try working at the problem from another approach – not wanting to put drugs which I knew nothing about into my body. Chris Modrack, a Nutritional Therapist, evaluated my nutritional health and uncovered deficiencies that could be contributing to my high blood pressure. I learned about the importance of water, good and bad fatty foods, mineral deficiencies and much more. I now had the knowledge to make informed decisions about food that I easily incorporated into my lifestyle. Within a few months I lowered and stabilized my blood pressure and greatly improved my overall physical well-being. Before working with Chris, I would tell my wife that “someone stole my legs” as we took our daily walk. My legs were stiff and I walked like an old man. Now I’m happy to say my good, strong legs are back!        David                                                                                                                                                                 

 The RESTART program was an AMAZING transformation of my body! It cured my insomnia, eliminated achy lower back pain, improved my skin, gave me steady energy, shaved 5 pounds off my weight and improved my self confidence! Wow! I loved Chris Modrack’s RESTART classes! The information we learned was broken up into ‘digestible’ sections. I learned so much more than I expected, not just about nutrution but also about my body and my spirit!       Jeanette