Nutritional Therapy FAQ’s

What diet is prescribed by the Nutritional Therapy Association?  

The Nutritional Therapy Association follows the foundations of a nutrient-dense, ancestral based, properly-prepared whole foods diet.   One NTA core concept is the bio-individuality of every client.  We work with any client from vegans to the those on a standard American diet to those addressing nutrition for the first time and even those who’ve had gastric bypass.  Through our thorough assessments, we determine which dietary additions and deletions are most important. Every intervention is valuable and impacts all 37 trillion cells of the human body.   We know that  “every little bit heals!”

What is involved in the evaluation/assessment process?

First we take a medical history and ask the client to take an on-line ‘signs and symptoms’ questionnaire which ‘connects the dots’ in relation to symptoms and reveals imbalances in the system.  Our primary concern is always digestion but we address blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acids and minerals in our initial evaluation.  We use acupuncture points to determine the level of inflammation in organ systems. After evaluating a client’s 3 Day Dietary Journal, we then begin the process of making specific recommendations for changing health.

Are supplements a necessary part of the program?

As nutritionists, we believe first that ‘food is medicine’.  Whenever possible imbalances are addressed through food substitutions.  At times, a situation may call for supplements to speed the healing along.  We are able to evaluate the value of a supplement for a individual client through neural-lingual testing.

What is a typical course of practitioner/client partnership?

Most clients begin with an evaluation over 3 or 4 sessions to come up with an Initial Plan.  The level of support once the Initial Plan is developed is up to the client.  Some prefer to come for weekly support as they change lifelong habits.  Others schedule appointments once a month until desired outcomes are reached.  Email and phone support is available on request.