What I Do

I work with the following client issues:

Acid Reflux,  Allergies,  ADHD,  Anxiety,  Blood Pressure Regulation,  Blood Sugar Regulation,  Brain Fog,  Constipation,  Depression,  Digestive Problems,  Fatigue, Inflammation,  Food Sensitivities,  Gall Bladder Function,  Inflammation, Insomnia,  Joint Pain,  Migraines,  Morning Stiffness,  Muscle Pain,  Skin Issues,  Stress,  Weight Management and more.

I use ‘food as medicine’ with my nutrition clients.  I evaluate with highly prescriptive tools,  recommend a proper diet, add supplements if necessary and then support the efforts to change food related behaviors.  I offer The RESTART Program to kick off dietary  lifestyle changes through education and a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  See Menu/RESTART.   For Nutritional Therapy FAQ’s go to menu item NTA/RESTART.

I use Eden Energy Medicine techniques with my energy medicine clients to evaluate the body’s energies, target those that require greater balance,  stabilize the adjustments and then recommend ‘homework’ to further the growth between sessions.  For Eden Energy FAQ’s go to menu item EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE.

If clients choose, there is considerable advantage to using both integrative therapies in concert to improve wellbeing.


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